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Without any live football to watch over recent weeks, I’ve been spending some of the time which I’ve inherited brushing up on my Albion history. So, I thought it was best to share some of the brilliant reading I’ve come across in that time.

Micky Adams: My life in football – To be frank, I was surprised how good Micky’s autobiography actually was. Micky has always come across as enigmatic character and it comes across perfectly in his book. He’s had an eventful career and here he tells his story from birth to right up to the current day and everything in between.

Micky isn’t afraid to name drop, loves a bitch and shares his honest and insightful perspective on the events past. The Brighton segments are great, but they aren’t overly focus on as Micky has a lot of ground to cover. But, if you like stories of what goes on behind the scenes within football, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Paul Camillin and Stuart Weir: The Albion: The First 100 Years of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club – I was given this book by my parents for a Birthday present a number of years ago and after a cursory skim it just sat up on the shelf to gather dust. But in a clear out five years ago I came across it and finally gave it the appropriate attention.

It’s a great archive of Albion’s first 100 years of history and contains some great pictures and events that tell the story of the Club’s history fantastically well and is a book I often refer back to for all things Albion.

Paul Camillin: Match of My Life Brighton and Hove Albion – Another book authored by Albion’s current Head of Media and Communications which compiles the stories of sixteen Albion players and managers from over the years and tells the story of some of the most famous games in Albion history which they played in. With names like Steve Foster, Peter Ward and Bobby Zamora this is a great book for all generations of Albion fans, providing a tour through Albion’s pre-AMEX history.

Dan Tester: Brighton and Hove Albion On this day – A fun book that tells you the big moments from throughout Albion’s history which happened on that day.

Dean Hayes: Brighton and Hove Albion an A-Z – Another fun short book that gives you all the Albion facts you’ll ever need in a handy A-Z format. From a list of Albion games Abandoned via those played at neutral venues to all you need to know about Bobby Zamora. A must have for any Albion fans bookcase.

Bob Booker: Ooh aah: The Bob Booker story – if I’m honest, this one is still in my to read pile, but Bob is one of the great Withdean era Albion figures and I couldn’t not include it.

Whilst I haven’t read it yet, I most definitely will, and many already have. In a review of the book for the football magazine When Saturday Comes, Chris Dean said it was a “lovingly crafted story of a career” and that is “meticulously researched and chronicled”. Can’t say fairer than that!

Spencer Vignes: Bloody Southerners – Is Brian Clough the greatest England manager there never was? Arguably. But there are two sides to every story and for every Derby or Forest on Clough’s CV there is a Leeds and more pertinently, a Brighton.

In this book Spencer Vignes tell the lesser known story of Brian Clough going from English champions Derby to Third Division Brighton through the memories of those involved. Clough’s time in charge was meant to instigate Albion’s rise to the big time, but instead it’s simply a precursor to the club’s golden era of the late 70s and early 80’s. Now only existing as a black mark on the glorious career of one of England’s great football figures.

Nic Outerside: Death in Grimsby: 50 Years Following Brighton & Hove Albion – This is a great read for all Albion fans, in which Nic tells the story of his own personal journey as an Albion fan over 50 years with each chapter telling a separate story related to different matches he’s attended and the events of the time.

Nick Szczepanik: Brighton Up – This is a book I’ve already covered in an old blog but in a list of gear Albion books, it cannot be left out. The book tells the story of the two seasons up to the Albion’s promotion to the Premier League and is a must read. Not just for any Albion fan looking for a nice bit of reminiscing about a great period in the club’s history, but this book also includes some great insight behind the scenes of the Albion’s promotion campaign.

Spencer Vignes: A Few good men – Another book covered in a previous blog but the same applies. A book in which author Spencer goes thin names, profiles, and interviews his all-time Albion 11 with a chapter dedicated to each person.

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