Seagulls Reading list

It’s been a while since I did one of these but with the cold January night’s drawing in here’s more additions to my Seagulls Reading List:

Goldstone Wrap – A fellow Albion blogger, the Goldstone Wrap has pieces on many memorable moments from Albion’s Goldstone years. Well worth a read to reminisce or brush up in your Albion history.

The Seagulls Love Review – a former Albion fanzine turned blog and twitter account. Writing opinions on all things Albion.

Brighton but only at home – Another Albion blogger, this one focuses on home match reports and has been going since the AMEX opened its doors. Always worth a read.

In parallel lines – Not another one?!?! Yes, another Albion blog authored by professional writer Nick Turrell who focuses on former Albion players connected to our upcoming opponents.

Seagulls Programmes – an invaluable archive of Albion Matchday programmes and other treasures through the decades, collated by Albion’s Matchday programme aficionado Ian Hine. This website is always a point of call for me when researching a new topic and is a great source of club material down the years.

Any one still interested in further Albion reading can refer back to previous pieces linked below where I detail some other places that are good starting points:

Seagulls Reading list

Seagulls Reading List 2

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